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Book review: Creating a Forest Garden, working with nature to grow edible crops by Martin Crawford

I've been getting quite into the FG thing, and have just got hold of Martins new long awaited book. Its excellent - the best FG book so far. Get hold of this book from the library or whatever. I went on a FG course with martin a while ago, and the book replicates that and more in permanent form. Martin clearly explains all the concepts and practice of FG construction including plant propagation, species description and design principles...even a chapter on the use of the products from the FG. Its surpassed David Jackes encyclopedic volumes due to its clarity (including use of language - Jackes is degree level ecology in parts) and brevity. Respect has to be given to David Harts original temperate FG work. Martin completes the circle of FG (scientific) completeness. I myself have experience of the FG in terms of Mother Earth magic/medicene sacred space...and for that reality one doesn't have to have correct science..and I do think that Robert went into that reality actually, as do many..but Martin has the correct science, wheras Robert on occassion based his planting design on intuition..which isn't always actually scientifically accurate even if the sacred space thing happens and you get a space, say, of mad mad telepathic communication between humans and birds or whatever...i.e. basically, an auspicious occult reality...."no you're not 'allowed' to have telepathic communication magic with a shrewform, u'r a 'whalekiller', and so we're gonna use masonic satanic child abuse triggers in your reality until we isolate you and break your medicene, and then the resultant skitz out we call the 'new age', and we win we win!!!!!"...or another example of Aryan ritual abuse derived reality stupidity: "Whenever you enter our right on convoy/activist clique space (mmmaaaaannnn) we're gonna steal something from you, to try an mess with your mind when your freshly tripping on Charras or whatever, with the intention of breaking ur occult medicene and freedom and enclosing/stealing your medicene within our game because we are the new breed of know all vegan Aryan pseudo hippys"...etc etc etc...White racists - just where do you get off? I'll tell you where:


Have some respect for native american traditionals or you'll be taught some. (and dont steal their medicene)


Martins book is good!  


There is one thing I think (but I may be wrong) that I thought of following reading some of Jackes FG work. How about (someone/group) turning the tables of plant characteristics etc etc into a spreadsheet type computor programme? that if you wanted, say, a nitrogen fixing groundcover for shade, you could tap in the requirements and out pops a list of suitable plants. That wont help with possible negative interactions (as Jackes highlights) in terms of making new plant guilds..might be of use in the design process anyway. 



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